Products and services that make your business different

In + innoventia we specialize in increasing the value of companies, by defining and developing new strategies and marketing, with the conceptualization and improved business models, the design and development of innovative new products and services, as well as digital and retail in order to conquer the market solutions.We are transforming opportunities creating successful businesses.

We work with companies that aim imagine and build connections between your customers and your brand.

We have powerful and multidisciplinary minds for each project, with specialists geared to new user-centric experiences.

Our teams work environment for creativity, vision, insights, technology, intelligence, analysis and design, using an adaptive approach and user-centered development categories to become leaders of the market. We apply analytical and creative thinking.

Inside the participatory process innovation

Supported by the user to participate in the life cycle of each project, we plan not only the interactions between users and products, but also the variety of situations in which form and maintain these experiences.



+ innoventia order to generate competitive value and business growth, addresses the strategic company departments involved in the innovation process, new business, generating value and profitability.  
Our partners are strategic department, marketing, innovation and R&D, and  companies that require creating new challenges amb developing new spaces without competition, with new and different concepts of products and services. Our goal is to generate growth and value to strategic business units:
  • increased market share.
  • increasing sales of the company.
  • ahead of the competition, identifying new market changes and trends.


With over 10 years of experience in different sectors, implementing successful projects, we work with a clear strategic direction, marketing, user-centric, market, assessing trends, knowing the company and its sector to generate value to brands our customers in different sectors: hospital, pharmaceutical, electro, electrotherapy, automotive, sustainable lighting, catering, distribution, gaming, visual media, cleaning equipment.

Educated at the University Pompeu Fabra, 1st Promotion of Science in Business and Economics, Master in Banking and Finance, and later trained at ESADE with the Post-graduate Marketing Management (EDIK-2001). My knowledge in the field of finance, management, markets and strategy have allowed me to fulfill myself in the world of business just taking entrepreneurship and the creation of innovative products / services linked to innovation processes, Just carrying the team management and collaboration with specialists in their areas to achieve the objectives of customers strategic partners.

Precursor in Spain of the creation of joint consulting concept based on business development and design studies, with the aim of generating new products, services or business models, from a strategic perspective, business and applied innovation. During my career I have worked in different sectors and types of companies, ... des of SMEs, medium and multinational companies, creating products, digital solutions, marketing strategies, etc ... Some brands or manufacturers: Ficosa, Fluidra, Sacopa, GE, Roca, Ros Roca, Gemmed, Sorisa, Corpora, Davi & Cia, Casals Herramientas, Rainbow, Mir, JCM, Tecnitoys, Ancar, Circontrol, Montronicvic, Metalast, Venco, Myr, Cronobiotech, Kilsen, Tecalex, Icnita, Ingo, Qualda, Namrol, Electromedicarin, MP electronics, Tecnur, Maexbic, Medical Modular System, Prefilter, Avialec, Elausa, ...

Marc Aráez

Director + innoventia

"The success is always a result of perseverance, experience and teamwork"



ENVISION the future

In 2008 nostros conceptualize and envision aspects of the automotive future. We create concepts of control panels, vehicle interiors, new forms of use. Today you can see on vehicles like the Model S and Model X TESLA.