We are a company of strategic innovation and business development, consisting of multidisciplinary experts aimed at identifying and materializing for our clients new market opportunities, with the ultimate goal of creating new products, services and interactive / digital solutions.

Our professionals are from different fields:

  • Anthropologists and sociologists
  • Human factors specialists
  • Market researchers, media, retail and coolhunters
  • Business strategists and economists
  • Technologists
  • Industrial designers
  • User interface designers
  • Engineers (mechanical, software, ...)
  • Strategists in technology, SEO and digital environment

Our strength lies in the ability to obtain successful and innovative results with the application of new and different methodologies: discovering latent consumer needs, identifying and exploiting new market opportunities for different segments or collaborating with our customers to evolve their models business, creating new rules of competitiveness and differentiation, to finally develop projects from different specialties and market strategy, creativity, strategic design, usability, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. Key to develop the output of our challenge.

In this sense, we transform ideas into action.

To get to realize solutions in a global and changing world, we investigated the markets, both nationally and internationally, we apply creative techniques to generate innovative ideas, contrasted with the objective target, to create and eventually develop a differentiating and sustainable output, based in business results.

Sectors where we have developed projects of new products, services and business models: hospital, pharmaceutical, electro, electrotherapy, automotive, sustainable lighting, catering, distribution, gaming, visual media, cleaning equipment.

The innovation involves the use of methodology and a profitable outcome.

Develop a project of value, it means knowing how to manage knowledge and innovation as key success factors, resulting cost effective solutions. Therefore, we'll innovation when there is profitability.

Our cross methodology for its simplicity and adaptability to any challenge, put your focus on the consumer / user, while cooperating with the experience of our clients, for efficient generation of products and services with a strong strategic base competitive, while knowledge manage information and market data continuously, all key challenge for development.

There needs evolve many new and innovative ways to meet them.

Get to know is the task of combining three pillars: Identify technology as a tool to capitalize on innovation, knowledge and understanding of the sociological and economic environments as places where people interact and there are moments of consumption, and economic strategy as a space where assessing the scope and the economic value.