Sectors where we have developed projects for new products, services and business models: hospital, pharmaceutical, electro, electrotherapy, automotive, sustainable lighting, catering, distribution, gaming, visual media, cleaning equipment, water treatments.

+Digital innovation: monitoring software sales prices and policies

Software created for both monitoring and control prices and policies of selling their products on the websites of distributors and competitors.

+Design of digital product for smartphones and tablets - IOT: LumiplusLed (Astralpool)

In +innoventia we are creating for different sectors within the digital environment oriented products smartphones and tablets. In this sense, we create products strategically analyzing users generating and developing the concept of efficient interface solutions, based on design and usability.

+Innovation in digital solutions: design services platform Fluidra

Oriented interface design platform connected to the Internet, to connect different devices and sensors IOT, providing customers a platform multi-channel services and benefits project.

Phases develop use cases, architecture and storyboard to create the prototype and final design.

+Product innovation: Design, UI and UX of AMAC Astralpool - IOT (Internet of Things)

Fruit of creating products closer to the end customer, is created for the group Fluidra a product with a user interface usable, intuitive and innovative, defining own look & feel for the following brand new products.

+Design and product development for "Internet of things": 3G for the company PICK Pick Data (Circontrol)

 Design, development and manufacture of the end product oriented to monitor equipment and facilities

+Innovation ECG - medical devices: Design UI, UX and product development in the digital environment

Creative tools ..... brainstorming, mind map, morphological analysis, design thinking, .., study of usability and design to create the ideal solution for use in the digital environment, fast and professional agility interface.

+Product innovation: Design and development of wireless ECG - Internet of things

This involves the development of a wireless ECG at rest, based on the needs of professionals who use and patients / users are measured. 

+Product innovation: test product concept of the energy market - IOT (Internet of Things)

Detecting the level of awareness related to energy consumption, to detect and define motivations about final product that meets the needs.

+innovation applied to sustainable urban equipment

+Product design - medical devices: Kronosensor - wearable tech

The aim of the project was to conduct formal design new measurement tool, small and elegant as watch oriented market segments and conditioned by the technology that integrates. The development of engineering to manufacturing and material selection were instrumental in its development.

+Innovation Mobility: running wearable product

  Made motivational study and test product for runners segment.

+Product concept innovation: searching for the blind

Definition and conceptualization of a device to assist the blind pursuit of defaults for objects.

+ Strategy and Market: Action Plan to CREATE, brand and product

Action plan aimed at systematizing new collaboration tools and working methods for the marketing and sales department, with the aim of eficienciar results. Also, was made based on the business model positioning strategies, segmentation and competitiveness were defined to address its strongly marked by the changing market price. Finally, actions are defined to enhance the brand.

Strategy and Market: Madel and Expansiona't Program

+innoventia under the premises of Agenda d'ACC10, developing a consulting project aimed at improving the area of marketing and sales. The result was the identification of new proposals and the implementation of improvements with the aim of increasing revenue results.

+Competitive Strategy: creating a strategy to compete in a market LOWCOST

Strategic and operational development aimed at boosting sales and counteract competition.

+Strategy and Operative Plan: new strategic business unit

+Strategy and New Product Categories: lighting company

Our client, a company specializing in LED lighting, needed the market to decide ilumicación entry strategies in the market and consequently define initial and new product categories.

+New market opportunities: exploring the world of craft beers

Better understand the world of craft beers to propose new ideas to the target segment.

+Identification of insights: identifying new opportunities for a new product category

Study performed with different cyclists targets to identify new motivations and needs to transform them into new products and a new category.

+Business model: l'original

Project catering industry, based reinventing a new commercial format.

A strategic approach taking into account the current economic situation of consumers, implementing the trends and opportunities identified by the market demand, and of course oriented strategic segments.

+Equipment with touch monitors

Our team has developed equipment in various sectors oriented information, new trends adpatándose purchase or to advertise.