Our services result in the creation of innovative challenges, which can lead to new products, new services and the implementation of new business models.

Our services respond to both SMEs and multinational companies, innovative spirit and values, making it possible to create and develop their ideas or identifying opportunities for generating the same market value, competitiveness and profitability.

In this sense, we help companies in the process of creation and development challenge or intervene only in the phase where they need our "expertise": research, strategic definition, strategic design, manufacturing, software development, implementation of the challenge , evaluation and analysis of the challenge.

The services are aimed at creating experiences in off / on-line, for which we have professionals specialized in both worlds.

strategy, market and insights

Initially every idea is necessary to contrast with the demand, which is necessary for conducting market research and user environment.

Design of products, services. Digital interface Design

Every opportunity should conceptualize and shape, either a product, a service or a digital solution.

digital and projects M2M (machine to machine)

Aimed at developing projects, whether they are based on digital technologies and solutions and on-line platforms.

wearable products and IOT (Internet of Things)

We have a team of professionals to provide the solution wearable projects and to create oriented connectivity and interactivity products.

product manufacturing

We respond to the products manufactured by performing the tooling and molds required to produce the series.