Digital projects and online. M2M solutions.

User specialists work with criteria of usability, design and development of hardware and software - firmware, creating solutions for mobile and digital, capable of generating a good user experience, and capture the economic conversion environments.


Initially we analyze, define use cases and architecture to create the usability required and design a distinctive interface, generating a good user experience, prototyping test for further development, giving the possibility to be tested with the tool of neuromarketing .

We develop and program solutions that our client required: App, CMS, intranets and custom technology, making integration with corporate systems.

Oriented SERVICES:

The services we provide encompass strategic planning and implementation and operational activities online:

  • Planning, conceptualization and digital development.

We are dedicated to plan and study the requirements of digital and on-line projects, to compete successfully in the market, adapting to the open source technologies and the integration of corporate systems. (E-commerce, intranets, m2m, ...).

  • Marketing and digital communication.

We have a specialized to meet the needs in the design of integrated digital communication action team. (3D animations and infographics).

  • Digital business evaluation and analysis.

We help develop the business, taking reference of the achievements of each stage and plan the next step. Improving the competitive position.

Results for our clients,

  • Apps for Android and iOs environments.
  • Usability consultancy, analysis and development of interface improvements. Test with users and expert evaluation.
  • Innovative interface design focused on the user.
  • Conceptualization, design and development of digital platforms.
  • Conceptualization, design and development of m2m monitoring platforms.
  • Process design information collection and analysis to measure.
  • Creating customized, proprietary software.
  • 3D animations and infographics.