digital and design solutions for shops

To have professional experts to improve profitability service sector, attracting and enhancing customer loyalty outlets.

We design marketing solutions and tools

to help study and predict consumer behavior at the point of sale, to analyze the performance of stores and to compare and control to set new targets and KPI's, to decide on strategies for expansion and location, etc.

We are oriented to the development and positioning of corporate identity, knowledge, segmentation, customer loyalty and social media marketing.

Consumer technologies and apply to the dealer

aimed at managing customer base, that is aimed at the recruitment and management, creating offers, promotions, advertising, loyalty programs, actions of e-marketing and social media to ensure project success. We use different technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, beacons ...) detecting the proximity of a user to specific points inside or outside of a facility allowing the customer to communicate with potential to increase sales and visits to the outlets:

  • Customer sending promotions at points of sale, stores or malls.
  • purchase and cross-selling remote.
  • immediate location and sellers and shop staff call.
  • location of specific products and within the facility.
  • Sections location within the establishment and led to them.
  • analytical and detailed reports.
  • measurement and analysis of traffic, hot and cold spots


  • Knowledge of consumer behavior habits.
  • Management and increased customer base.
  • Increased sales and visits to the outlets.
  • Application of digital solutions Low Cost.
  • Creating loyalty programs, KPI's.
  • Creating actions related to social networks.
  • Creation of promotional and communication at the point of sale and shopping centers.

We work the contact points with the visual merchandising and retail design

We have a team of professionals and collaborators able to create new concepts in retail, by viewing and 3D animation techniques. Finally we develop the project if necessary for turnkey implementation. In this sense, we are at the point of sale staff, develop operational and development plans.

Application on large surfaces, category killers, shopping malls, outlets, chain stores, franchises, ....

Our target customers are from various sectors, having worked in the restoration, pharmacies, furniture, bathroom, gift, household textile, food, fashion, optical, jewelry sector, etc.


  • Creating new concepts.
  • Improvements oriented layout.
  • Restiling stores.
  • Correccta implementation of merchandising.
  • Design and implementation of corporate image.
  • Furniture design.
  • Facade and window design.
  • Attraction window dressing techniques.
  • Atmosphere.