strategic and market innovation

Initially every idea is necessary to contrast with the market, for which the realization of market research, environment, observation of the user and application process, using efficient tools for analysis and exploration is necessary. If the results are successful the idea is easily transformed into a real market opportunity, that is, a value proposition and innovative directed to the user and / or consumer.

The key to success lies in the confluence of our strategic market area and creativity, aimed at identifying, watch the good approach and translate opportunities into new strategies and concepts of success and profitability, generating positive experiences target segment. Identify the space where they must find the desires and needs of the consumer with the brand values.

Our goal is to create spaces and innovative market without competition.


We offer innovative solutions working with our multidisciplinary team:

  • Systematizing innovation for your innovative capacity translates into a culture of innovation and a sustainable competitive advantage over time.
  • Development of innovation projects.
  • Acting as external innovation department.


Oriented services:

  • Strategic environmental analysis: Market research, environment, consumer ethnographic studies and end user.
  • Generating ideas with creativity techniques.
  • Definition, development and innovation of business models.
  • Strategic planning of the business model. Creating strategic plan and operational marketing.
  • Development of market segmentation strategies and positioning.
  • Improving business plans and sales.
  • Development of strategies for attracting and customer loyalty.


  • Identify opportunities and insights to create new and innovative product concepts, services and business models.
  • Define new strategies for growth and competitiveness.
  • Identify new market segments.
  • Developing innovative solutions (product, service, business model, customer experience, positioning, brand, ...).
  • Redefine portfolio of products and services.
  • Acquisition and retention of customer base and improve profitability.
  • Identify and develop new business models.
  • Workshops for employees and managers who want to improve their ability to innovate.