Wearable products and IOT (Internet of Things)

Wearable with projects evolve Techonology we focus on products and boost their companies competitive differentiation, using applications, sensors, design, etc.

The target is the integration and adaptation of technology that brings user devices over a comfortable and usable. Currently the most viewed and used are accessories like watches, glasses, bracelets, there are a large range of possibilities: jewelry, clothing in general, jackets, etc ....

These devices in a more "friendly", with more accessibility give fast and comfortable all facilities and advantages of mobile devices.

+ Innoventia In every project we focus on delivering the best solutions for wearable technology. We seek to create products that facilitate the process to be more efficient in their use of simple and convenient way.

We seek to save time and money to companies in areas of training, and the possibility of providing technolgy wearable prototypes operating, fast at a very competitive cost.

+Innoventia why?

  • because we have a team of professionals focused on developing wearable solutions, developing custom software and applications for different mobile devices, which have worked nationally and internationally.
  • that we have the strategic support of suppliers in the field of wearable.
  • that have the experience and the ability to create and develop simple, efficient and attractive to the end user solutions.

Multidisciplinary team that combines knowledge of technology and the market.

Create a wearable product involves combining a multidisciplinary team with expertise in market analysis and strategy, anthropologists, industrial design, usability experts, hardware engineers, software developers, aimed at generating new ideas and turn them into products and innovative experiences .

Our work in this field begins with strategic approaches in technology development, user behavior, the study and development of interactive applications and solutions, and creative. And experience with the use of wearable technologies and experience in the design and product development, the aim is to create spaces without competition by creating differentiated product portfolios.

Create emotionally relevant experiences with value propositions.

Our experience in the field of health, music, give us an advantage in the design of portable solutions in health, welfare and leisure.

With the Internet of Things (IOT) is expected to offer advanced connectivity beyond communications from machine to machine (M2M) between devices, systems and services.

The interconnection of embedded devices, objects and devices, marks the beginning of automation in many sectors while allowing you to create advanced applications: monitoring of heart implants, vehicle diagnostics, search for crashed vehicles. Today already on the market smart thermostats, control systems, water quality, using the wireless appliances for remote control, etc. In +innoventia and have worked to create some of these projects within the field of IOT.

It is estimated that over 30 billion devices will be connected wirelessly to the IOT 2020. Will they real opportunities, based on the creative use and mix of sensors generating new product categories. There is a great opportunity to recreate the processes and creating new disruptive devices, which may be market leaders.

And your company is already connected?