Ethnographer Consultant

We are looking for someone passionate about innovation, customer orientation, with a background in social sciences. Degree in any of these fields : anthropology , sociology , psychology , etc. . ) , And mandatory minimum professional experience (3-5 years ) .

We are thinking of a professional customer focused and able to work in multidisciplinary teams (specialist in business strategy , marketing specialists , designers , engineers, ... ) with a holistic approach to market research and consumer .

The candidate must be fluent in Spanish and English , and knowledge of other languages with flexibility to travel on short notice for periods up to two weeks .

Characteristics of candidate:

  • Have excellent analytical and observation accurately identifying ideas with ability to prioritize and focus on key issues. Work closely with and assist multidisciplinary teams continually review and improve , in changing environments .
  • Demonstrated ability to gather, interpret and synthesize information from markets , products and information to consumers in a variety of international sources .
  • Having the skills to motivate people on projects.
  • Having the ability to multi-task management within deadlines.
  • Having experience to develop presentations and documents to show the customer the ability of the company.

Candidates for this job , please send an email ( (Necessites javascript per veure aquest correu-e) ) with the subject " Ethnographer Consultant " with a cover letter, CV with experience and brief summary of the projects ( bring a project by methodology and process work ) , and an answer to the following question : What new products, services or business models could innovate and how?